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Introducing my first comedy album, recorded underwater in a basement, G is for Gangsta!

One blurb is all you need: HYSTERICAL! -- National Lampoon.

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CDs are $9, including shipping, via PayPal (see below). Buy the mp3 edition for $7 at PayPal (using the ugly yellow 'Buy Now' button) or purchase at one of these fine stores (prices vary):

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You didn't know about the album? Read the FAQ.

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And now, the title track free for your aural abuse... G is for Gangsta part I

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Liner Notes/Artwork

You can download the liner notes and album artwork even if you don't buy the album. Not that it'll do you much good.

Samples Acknowledgments

Hey internet, thanks for all the awesome free samples you let me use to make this record!

JS Bach performance

Fax Machine



Magic Wand



Record Scratches

Fine Print

G is For Gangsta was entirely made in my home studio (recorded underwater in my basement while screaming through a Witches Cone). You won't find cheaper comedy anywhere unless you happen to be there when I'm waiting for the bus and my pants fall down.






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