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  1. SCIENCE: Proof Dinosaurs and Humans did not coexist
    description: I repeat, sicence
    File Under: toys, life, politics
    May 3, 2012

  2. Free Comic Book Day Contest!!!
    description: win a copy of Captain Freedom
    File Under: toys
    May 2, 2009

  3. Super Personality Test - What Kind of Hero Are You?
    description: Find Out if You Can Be Trusted with the Keys to the Company Nukes
    File Under: toys
    January 11, 2009

  4. MPAA Movie Ratings Generator
    description: Learn Why the Secret Cabal Really Rated That Film PG-13 - Was it the Hobbit Tickling?
    File Under: toys
    January 10, 2009

  5. DIY Resignation Letter
    description: A form letter to let people know why you've left.
    File Under: toys
    May 21, 2007

  6. Homeland Security's Are You Safe To Fly? Terrorist Fun Quiz
    description: Eyes on your own paper!
    File Under: toys
    May 7, 2007

  7. President's Day eCards, Volume II
    description: Is Washington Your First Love?
    File Under: toys
    February 20, 2007

  8. Health Insurance Coverage Generator
    description: Tell us your symptoms, and we'll explain your coverage.
    File Under: toys
    January 22, 2007

  9. Fun Search Strings that Brought People to All Day Coffee
    description: An exercise in server logs
    File Under: toys
    December 1, 2006

  10. International Laundry Symbols
    description: What those Common Home Laundering & Drycleaning Symbols really mean
    File Under: toys
    August 18, 2006

  11. President's Day eCards - Vol I
    File Under: toys
    February 15, 2006

  12. Reality Show Premise Generator
    description: To aid our struggling television networks, who may not be able to pay those fatcat writers, this useful tool will create new and exciting reality shows.
    File Under: toys
    January 1, 2006

  13. Financial Calculator for White Collar Crime
    description: How much does crime pay
    File Under: toys
    August 23, 2005

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